Because you held me…

My boy: I know you wish that by now I’d be able to sleep on my own. I can mama. I can sleep on my own just fine but since you’ve always come when I’ve called you, doing it this way feels home to me. Thank you mama, I’m grateful you’ve run to me every time I’ve panicked when I sleep. I feel lucky you’ve had the time, the patience and the energy to rock me, nurse me, and sing to me even if you’ve felt like you’ve had none. I know you’ve found it hard, I’ve seen you get angry, frustrated and cry. I don’t understand the words ‘there’s nothing to worry about’, but they always make sense when you’re holding me tight. Hold on to me mama because one day I will fly. I can see the world. I see it and I want it. I’m not ready to let go off you yet mama, but one day I will. And I will because you held me. 


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