DAY 1: Why do you want to make changes to the way you approach your child’s play?
Basically, I am a firm believer in play as being one of the most enriching ways to not only learn but enjoy life and rejoice in the gift of freedom. However, our current ‘play environment’ at home isn’t working. We recently moved house and a few weeks ago I posted a photo of my dream playroom, basically a yellow room (literally) with all sorts of colourful toys with easy access for my toddler to reach. But does he play with any of them? No. None. Only if I take one of them out and even then he only plays with it for a really short time. Apart from when we have play dates, my little man’s toys are nothing but cool decor in my eyes. But this really isn’t the reason why our ‘play environment’ isn’t working. It isn’t working because I can feel my little one itching to play differently. He either wants to climb, throw, or run and the way things are currently set up at home at the moment doesn’t allow for much of that to happen. He loves the garden, exploring the outdoors and visiting new places and although we do plenty of that, it’d be nice if he could also feel free to play at home (within safety and personal family boundaries of course). So there! That’s the answer to the question. Roll on Day 2! 

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