30 DAYS TO TRANSFORM YOUR PLAY – Identifying an Interest 


Day 4. Task: Create a very simple exploration based on your observation of what he wants to know. Go slowly. Don’t fill their space with resources and activities. Explore together; respect his process, resist taking over. Allow the exploration to unfold at the child’s pace.
Well, THAT was challenging! I had to stay in today so I consciously decided to step back and observe my child play. What I found myself doing like ALL THE TIME was stopping myself from intervening and saying NO. I realized two important things: a) I’m more of a control freak than I thought, and b) Life is definitely less stressful when you put your (always urgent, always important) to-do list on the side. Luken wanted to paint, obviously not on paper. He wanted to climb, obviously not on the slide. He wanted to throw, obviously not balls. I didn’t let him throw cars at walls or whatever (boundaries are respectful I think) but when I paused and observed, I didn’t see naughtiness, I saw genuine question marks on his face. Perhaps he wants to see what it’s like to paint on different surfaces? Perhaps his body is ready for bigger obstacles to climb on? Perhaps he’s quite simply challenging himself? Isn’t that learning? Isn’t that growing? Don’t we adults also challenge ourselves? Unless we’ve lost all interest in life whatsoever which I have at times. Recently. Sleep. Deprived.
This process is ongoing. But my favourite bit of today was choosing not to tidy up and not letting my mind interfere in the fun. The boring stuff can almost always wait. But making memories can’t. 

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