30 DAYS TO TRANSFORM YOUR PLAY – Improving a Play Space


Day 3. Task: Think about how your child plays and make changes to their play area which will support this play.
This is what I noticed: 🤔

1. Luken’s 1st activity: climb on table. Happy Days.

2. He likes sorting things by colour and number.

3. He loves adult jobs, eg washing. 

4. He can make the most out of a mess. 🌟
What I did: 🥊

1. Removed the huge coffee table we had and brought down his climbing blocks. I brought in a smaller table for him to paint/draw/eat etc.

2. Changed location of his building blocks, paint pots etc, so he can see them easily to sort them out.

3. Let him wash stuff that can’t break. He actually did a good job, especially with juice and milk cartons.

4. I accidentally dropped dry spaghetti on the floor, like all of it and he loved breaking each stick into little pieces and then putting them inside a glass bottle. Good to practise fine motor skills. AND I didn’t have to tidy up either! 🌟
What I learnt? 🤓 – Observe and listen. No point telling him off for climbing on the table, he was clearly telling me something: I like climbing! Climbing is a perfectly awesome skill.

– Screw the order of things. No point having toys perfectly tidy and perfectly hidden, they’re there to be used.

– A toddler is a person like you and me, not a little creature who doesn’t have a clue about life and therefore needs to be excluded from adult tasks.

– Get over the mess. Something good comes out of the bad. Always.

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