Real Balls

Me: Oh! We only paint on paper remember? Don’t worry, I’ll wipe it away…Ta-dah!
My kid: …but Mum, did you actually look at what I painted? 
Me: Hmm…balls? 
My kid: Yes mum, I was painting balls. But not any type of ball…mum, I can now close the circles. I’ve learnt how to paint full circles, like, real balls without any gaps in them. I just did it there! And now I can’t show you. And now I can’t look at it and feel happy about it. 
Me: (Shit). I’m so sorry. Please paint it again. Do you want to paint balls again? Please show me, I want to see how you paint real balls!
My kid: Ok, I’ll get the paper.
Me: Paint anywhere you like please. On the table? fine, the window? ok, the floor? no problem…
My kid: Really?!
Me: Unless you want to paint on paper?
My kid: I don’t care mum, but you do. I’ll use paper. 
Me: Ok sweetheart (thank God, f* off guilt)
Since then I try to stop myself before turning into a personified mop speedily wiping away my kid’s creations. My kid  still likes to paint everywhere but on paper but as long as I acknowledge what he’s been working on first, he is able to accept the use of paper more easily. Not always of course, he’s a toddler after all.

An example of when I managed to stop myself from telling my kid to colour the ocean  blue rather than rainbow. #proudmoment










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