Love My Dad And You’ll Love Me

My kid: Mum?

Me: Yup…

My kid: Could you be nicer to dad? 

Me: What? 

My kid: I know some things he does reaaaaally bother you. I know I also do things that reaaaaaally bother you, but you are better at letting go of the things I do than the ones my dad does. Why? 

Me: Hmm…

My kid: Is it because he’s big and I’m small?

Me: Er, sort of?

My kid: When I’m big like my dad, will you not love me like you love me now?

Me: (Wow, that was a big leap). I will always love you. Just like I love you now. You’re my son. I don’t seem to have much of a choice with you, I instinctively forever love you. With your dad…a lot of the times it’s instinct (normally when my mind is clear), but it can be more of a choice sometimes…

My kid: Then choose mum. Choose to love him. 

Me: …er,ok?

My kid: At least today. It’s his birthday.

Me: Oh I can do today kid, no problem (LOL).









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