Toddler Jet Lag

Me: Yup, I’m totally doing this. Start this blog. My inspiration? Inspiration is a rather positive word considering I feel crap right now, but whatever, the inspiration (cause) is my toddler who is currently ungraciously keeping me awake because he thinks the day has just started. Jet lag sucks but when you have to endure it with a cranky 2 year old? Ahhhh give me all the tequila now please! It really makes you wonder, was the holiday worth this torture?!
Here a pic of what’s in front of me having his 5th breakfast at 11 pm. It’s raisins and milk, sorry kid, not very inventive but it’s all I could deliver under the circumstances.

My Kid: Ok, I’ll smile and pretend I’m not annoyed you’ve taken the same photo 5 times already so you can Instagram your mood. But you know what mum, I’m also tired. Moreover, I don’t know what the heck is going on? You want me to be quiet on a plane (BUT WE ARE FLYING MUM!), then want me to PLEASE sleep on the plane without making a fuff (I don’t know what business class upgrade means, it’s still uncomfortable!), then expect me to be OK leaving the plane and wave it goodbye like it’s not a big deal (IT IS!), then want me to be awake when I want to sleep and now want me to sleep when I’m confused for being awake. Mum, do me a favour and give me a break. And a better breakfast. I know there’s cheese in that fridge! 






One thought on “Toddler Jet Lag

  1. Brill! Looking forward to sharing the joys and the frustrations. My 5 year old boy is constantly challenging me because he approaches things differently to me and I’m just trying to keep up.


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